Everything You Need in One Room

There is a room, not just any room. This room is special. This room I cannot enter.

This room is available to those who do not do, to those who do not hear, to those who do not look, to those who do not know, to those who do not say.

There is only one room. This room is very special. The room has no barriers or blockages not previously experienced but it is challenging to garner entrance. This room occupies the most coveted space. Like a lover gesturing for closeness to gift a sweet nothing to the ear, there is no leaving this place. A familiar wave of aroma beckons like a siren’s song guiding ships to their delighted demise. This demising is the inheritance and the sustenance. The hunger arising from one’s invigorated surmising is instantly obliged. How can this aroma be? I see not a single source.

The centrality of this room requires an exhaustive moments journey few can stomach. Witnessing the room may cause sudden watered mouth and dubious footing.This room offends many. I cannot stand it. I turn in disgust. A faint sound reverberates from the room so loud I cannot hear it. The sound brings most to tears and then to uncontrollable laughter. Many look in awe at the madness the room causes and take pity on those souls. This room is thought by few to tell each occupant the secret of all things but in the most beautiful of ironies it is conveyed in an unspeakable tongue thus eliciting madness. I doubt it.

The room tells a story. An electrifying tale of a journey. The story of this journey is of danger and thrill, of joy and loss, of peace and destruction, of anger and relief, of expansion and lies, of power and elegance, of realization and denial, of death and growth. I cannot sit through the whole thing. The room paints a vivid picture, a picture so simplistic in its design it is as if the canvass is blank. I’m sure it is.

This room bequeaths a precious gift upon departure, the key to re-enter when the moment comes. I have not yet figured a way to possess the key. I must study the room to gather insights to its nature. I seek its center. I will do this tirelessly.

This room is beloved. It is a cherished heirloom. It is all found there, in the room, and this room only requires that you enter.