The stink of treason

Worldwide famous Spaniard Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra being a man of honor used to notice: “Though we love treason, we hate the traitor”. A significant part of the population of Scotland and Northern Ireland has a lack of understanding of this fact. These countries have become a target of a thought-out anti-English policy leading by the Brussels’s bureaucracy, the policy directed to foment local separatism and, finally, to destroy Great Britain as a sovereign state. The bet has been placed on a practice known since the time of Philip of Macedon when a donkey loaded with gold could open the gates of every unassailable fortress.

What do you think where is the origin of about 56% of voices against Brexit in Northern Ireland? Everything is pretty clear — Northern Ireland is on the needle of Brussels’s grants. About 90% of the income of the local farmers goes from the EU treasury. There’s nothing unusual about Scotland and its 62% opponents to get free from the chokehold of our eternal French and German friends too. The EU has been obliging to lay out €4.6 billion to the needs of Scottish farmers. Additionally, Scotland has been about to get €800 million from the structure funds of the EU.

In other words, as it’s often said in action movies about gangsters — “nothing personal, it’s just business”. Let’s take this as a disgusting fact — a part of our society has been just bought with an European gift. Naturally, it isn’t a first case in the human history. And, of course, it isn’t the last one. The situation is turned to be spicy by the fact that the sum of British payments to the treasury of the EU is many times bigger than all the grants previously given to the population of Scotland and Northern Ireland. That means, the sell-out of the interests of Great Britain was paid out of its own pocket. Is it smart, isn’t it? Some really smart people do live there, in Brussels. They are specialized on “the generous miracles” at somebody else’s expense. And those who has been tricked should refresh in the memory a Plutarch’s saying: “The betrayers first of all themselves”.

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