Every developer has probably encountered this:

“It worked on my machine”.

Fear not! We already have a solution to this problem and they’re called containers. No, not the enormous amount of plastic every Asian mom keeps somewhere in the kitchen.

What are containers?

They’re meant to package up and hold the code and its dependencies like how the plastic ones hold your food, instead of you holding it in your hands. It enables you to run your applications reliably and easily in different environments. Containers are lightweight, standalone, executable packages of software that contains everything needed to run the programs you’ve created. …

The path I took into the world of data and some lessons I learned along the way.

I studied Computer Science in Ateneo and got a specialization in data science and analytics. There I learned how to code and how to manage software projects. I got a data analyst internship with RideWave, a startup that provides shuttles to and from work. I did my thesis on the behaviour patterns of twitter users and graduated. I joined the First Circle Data Team and that’s my journey. Well, I lied; it really wasn’t as straight-forward as that. The journey was far from linear.

Three years ago, if you asked me what data work was like I’d probably give you…

Lessons from my first few months in Data

It’s almost been a year since I graduated from university with a Computer Science degree and a Specialization in Data Science and Analytics. Coming soon is my first year with First Circle as a Jr. Data Analyst, and I’d like to take you through some key things I’ve learned.

First, what does it mean anyway to be a Data Analyst in First Circle, a Fintech company that specialises in working capital financing for B2B companies?

On some days, being a Data Analyst could mean creating exploratory analyses or exploring new tools and models. Other days, we work closer to the…

Kemp Po

Data troll writing about data and data product development. In fintech

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