The Utter Exhaustion of the Reasonable American

I guess I’ll indulge in this myself. I consider myself more of a Democrat but tend to agree with some of the conservative points that the Republicans can recognized. I can empathize with your fatigue, this election and presidential campaign has been exhausting, whether you’re yelling “lock her up” or scratching your head too hard from wondering why people supports that guy in the first place. It’s a shame for those Trump supporters because they latched onto the first candidate that actually recognizes Middle America’s economic downturn and it’s the candidate with the stupidest worldview of everything else so they’re wasting their strong beliefs and energy into this candidate that’s doomed to fail.

As for us who are left watching the big shouting match, we are left to ponder if there is an actual space for us to talk or engage in the conversation. We wish to align ourselves and display that consensus can happen and be accomplished, but don’t because of the untenable fire that can whip back at us. I won’t be able to keep silent much longer but for now, it is what it is.