Adventures in Consciousness: ET Reptilian Contact

After capturing an image of a reptilian extraterrestrial being while practicing orb photography, I embarked on an unstoppable mission to contact this entity

Ken Korczak
15 min readSep 29


“Pan-Galactic Meditation” Computer art by KEN KORCZAK

Today, I am going to tell you about a long-term “Adventures in Consciousness” project I have been working on diligently for more than two years. It’s one of several ventures I will bring out in upcoming articles.

But today it is …


This project came about after I captured the image you see below during my nightly hobby of photographing orbs. Although I now have more than 100,000 orb images, sometimes “Other Things” show up in the photos I capture as you can see in this case.

At left is an image I captured in the dark woods of northern Minnesota during my nightly practice of orb photography. At right is my initial attempt to sketch an ‘artistic impression’ of the entity in the photo. Photo and sketch by KEN KORCZAK

While capturing many extraordinary images, this photo captivated me in a distinct way because, from the beginning, I had the notion that I might be able to contact and communicate with this being.

Little did I know that it would take more than two years and 750 futile attempts using a variety of methods to open some kind of communication channel. But as you shall soon see, what finally happened is that this being finally found a proactive way to contact me!

(Note: I should add that this suggests that my hundreds of attempts were not wasted. My persistent effort was probably getting through in some way — like a “knock on the door.” Then the ET in the photo finally found a unique way to answer that knock and “close the circuit” that enabled the two of us to communicate.)

The methods I used in my 750+ attempts to open contact included:

  1. Inducing a Lucid Dream

On many nights — dozens of times — I attempted to “program” a lucid dream scenario in which I would meet and communicate with the “green” alien in my photo. This was never successful.

2. Meditation Focuses with Intent



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