I’m Sorry, Surface, But I Just Can’t Anymore.
Jennifer Hoelzer

I still have (and like) my MacBook, but recently am being seduced by the Chromebook world. It may be moot for you if the Google ecosystem is a foreign land, but I’m thick in that world, and surprised at what Chromebooks offer. Enough that it’s may be possible for one of the emerging or to-emerge well-equipped models to replace my MacBook, when it’s time for it to retire. I didn’t expect to be even considering that.

It started in an ongoing search for a device convenient for reading and correspondence, something between a phone and a laptop. Convertible Chromebooks satisfy astonishingly well (Asus Flip, for me) - large screen, very lightweight, keyboard available when I need it, and folds out of the way when I don’t. I found what I was looking for, well beyond my expectations.

One astonishing thing is a hidden feature that will matter mostly just to specialists, like software developers (me) and design professionals. The ability to run a Linux desktop on the device, in a lightweight way and in parallel with ChromeOS, could mean that a sufficiently well furnished device might could serve as my workstation. Yet still very lightweight, versatile (convertible), relatively inexpensive. Not sure it’ll work well enough, but very intrigued, and very happy in the meanwhile with the in-between-phone-and-laptop one.

Even for those without the specialist concern, I’d consider that one of the new, more capable Chromebooks might offer some real advantages as a general use machine.