Your Perfect Everyday: You’ll be surprised what it reveals

Many people often daydream about their perfect day. The day where you might wake up late, go for a walk along the beach, enjoy a mimosa with your delicious brunch, then read that perfect book while watching the day sail by. But let’s be honest, your perfect day is not what gives your life meaning, it’s not what allows you to achieve your goals and chase your dreams — it’s your perfect every days that do this. It’s the every days that make up the building blocks of your journey, the days that carry you and give you the strength to get to the finish line.

So one lazy evening I decided to daydream about what my perfect every day might look like. While simple, this exercise revealed a surprising amount of insight into just how much my values, motivators, and priorities influenced (or should influence) what I did each day and how I felt about my day.

Doing this exercise really helped me gain clarity into what’s important day-to-day, and has influenced my decisions in where I live, where I work, who I work with…etc. I hope this exercise will empower you as much it has me, in making your own perfect every days a reality.

‘Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey’ — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

6:00 AM: Wake Up

I am naturally an early riser, so for me 6am is the perfect time to start the day. In my perfect every day I would wake up feeling energized, filled with a sense of purpose knowing that today I will contribute and make a difference.

Update: Having read the Book of Joy I have now added to my morning routine 10 mins of meditation, moment to list 10 things I am grateful for and identifying someone would like to help and how I will help them today.

6:30–7:30 AM: Exercise

I believe you must always do what is important first. For me it’s Health. I believe a healthy body and mind are essential for the resilience and endurance that is needed for a successful career. In my perfect every day I would have the opportunity to stretch (for my bad back) and exercise to get my body and mind ready for the challenges and goals of the day.

7:30–8:30 AM: Get Ready and Get to Work

I personally like to live close to work. I am the type of employee that wants to have access and freedom to work when I want , as inspiration or a solution to a problem could strike at anytime. In my perfect every day it would only take 10–20 minutes to travel to work.

8:00 AM — 6:00 PM: Work

Now comes the most important elements of my perfect every day — where I work. For me what I do is what I am, so this is the most important part of my day.

While it may be a tall order, my perfect workplace will be:

  • A place where I believe in the vision
  • A place that makes a difference in the things that matter to me, either directly or indirectly — socio-economic betterment, education, investment in the creation and sharing of knowledge to disrupt industries and open markets
  • A place with a social conscience that is outcomes, people and growth focused not power, status or profit driven
  • A place with people I admire who I can learn from
  • A place that is team focused, encouraging collaboration in safe environment
  • A place that is challenging, but allows me to learn and conquer those challenges
  • A place that allows me and my team to achieve and continuously improve
  • A place where I can contribute and I am valued
  • A place where my team believes in what we do and are proud of what we achieve
  • A place that gives me feedback and lets me know exactly where I stand
  • A place that allows me to learn, grow and master my skills

6:00PM — 8:00PM: Home

While I am not averse to working hard, I believe it is not sustainable to work more than 8–10 hours a day. In my perfect every day I will finish work at 6:00 pm and head home satisfied with what I have accomplished to enjoy a warm dinner and spend time with my family.

8:00PM- 10:00 PM: Study/Reflect

I am a strong believer in continuous learning, and being in the digital industry I feel it is a basic necessity to stay relevant and on top of the latest trends and technologies. In my perfect every day I want to be inspired by the challenges of my work and my colleagues to learn, reflect and improve.

10:00pm: Sleep !

After a long and satisfying day, I want to get to bed at 10:00 PM. I want to go to bed feeling grateful for the day I have had and looking forward to taking on the next perfect every day with a good night’s sleep.