Why Unity Will Power the Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality
Dale Knauss

No doubt there are reasons to use Unity, but we’ll see who actually crosses the finish line first. There is a reason that AAA studios use Unreal and not Unity. As to non-game adoption, they are flocking to Unreal because we have an enterprise team dedicated to non-game usage. Many ofthe top Automotives, VFX and Architecture firms are using Unreal. Check out the CG Architecture survey: http://www.cgarchitect.com/2016/11/2016-architectural-visualization-rendering-engine-survey---results

Unreal is near the top of the list, Unity is somewhere far down the list. These are real customers making real decisions, not a marketing paper that makes unsupported claims. Epic Games is a company that doesn’t run around making a lot of claims. They just do. If you care about the best fidelity and the best performance, a lot of very smart professionals have made their choice, and it isn’t Unity. Sorry to be so harsh, but you’re the one with the big headline. Like I said, there are reasons to go with Unity, but it isn’t the choice if you’re pursuing the highest fidelity, the best performance and the most complex applications.