What mortal fools we soldiers be

To trek upon the land and sea

To stay the fight at any cost

To hold the course when all seems lost.

For Canada, their courage found

For Canada, their hearts unbound

For Canada, for you and me

For Canada across the sea.

Can a soldier be afraid

To die upon the ground?

He is, I say, and yet hear this:

To be afraid is human, yes,

Yet beating loud beneath that chest,

A fearless heart that will not rest.

To meet the foe, to stand their ground

“O Canada….”, they hear the sound.

On beaches turned the colour red

I saw the medics fallen dead

The cries of men came from the smoke

“Please help me” were the words they spoke.

I could not leave them dying there

The words they pleaded filled the air

“Help me” was too much to bear

I could not leave them dying there.

And so I ran because I dared, to save a life was all I cared, machine gun fire blazed round my head while running over countless dead. I reached the one whose cries I heard, first aid I gave without a word, and then a second then a third, “take cover” were the words I heard. My mind was fixed upon my task, please let them live was all I asked. Upon my back I carried them to safety- Why? The mothers, fathers, sisters, too, had asked me to, they asked me to……..three more men whose lives I saved I carried one by one…..and all the while the gunfire blazed I knew I wasn’t done. and never more afraid was I to die but not right here and not right now. there’s more out there I could not leave them dying there. comrades in arms they were to me my brothers all who’d die for me, just get one more just get one more.

Then stop I did and felt a sting upon my aching head.

Whose blood is that upon my hands, my hands the colour red?

No soldier staring up at me

My eyes why difficult to see?

Before I save just two or three,

I’ll rest a time on bended knee.

The men I saved would reach old age

Would love and marry, children raise

I watched them all from where I lay

A cross above me points the way

To Heaven’s keep I went that day

Forever 20 did I stay.

What mortal fools we soldiers be

Upon the battle lines are we

But look now ‘round you, look and see

The heroes here for all to see

Men and women here unite

Salute them when they go to fight.

A soldier sees the world I see

And cannot turn away

because they have a sense of great responsibility.

To serve for cause through day and night

The soldier steps into the fight.

Your courage, men and women all, your courage such a sight.

When heroes age, too weak to stand

Remember how they once stood tall for all that’s just and fair and right.

When comes the day they leave our sight, their spirits going home

Their journey shall not go astray,

The cross above me points the way.

For Canada, Remembrance Day,

The words we say are just the way

that we remember yesterday.

Remember them, remember me.

What mortal fools we soldiers be

Because we did it all for Thee.

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