From liquidity to smaller fees relevance and secured transactions in an already filled blockchain. GLOBEX is proud to announce its international coin offering which is live 25th October 2018..

The GEX token is one with a very viable use Case in other words its got a working product. The product itself is the much awaited exchange.. Such exchange will help in security of Crypto backed assets using cold storage, genuine liquidation and customer service representation for 24hrs.. This features would show that globex actually means business not just for profit maximization but for actualization of its product, this is what most coins or token or even exchanges lack.

This exchange will trade in BTC, ETH ,LTC , GEX exchange tokens with the GEX token ICO Already live..

With open and transparent team..

Most notably is CEO Jasin Ajrulla who is well known.. Making this project one which would be worthwhile.

GEX Offers its coin offering of 13billion GEX.. For its ICO..

1 ETH is equivalent to 10million GEX with 10% bonus..

Minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH and maximum is 100 ETH

set GAS = 200,000; GWEI = 20; check the latest gas prices at

Send ETH to GEX’s smart contract address: 0x518c55aD0cC887f78E2C7fE23B14C33a34586EDc

GEX will be sent directly to your wallet.

Token Structure




SmartContract 0x518c55aD0cC887f78E2C7fE23B14C33a34586EDc

All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible

For more information go to