the lens of principled Republicanism.
How to hold Donald Trump accountable
Restart GOP

An oxymoronic statement. If you were true to your word, your party will repudiate the winner of this election and kick out the christian radicals that control it. Who also claim to be “principled”, BTW.

You as, “principled Republicans” will demand that the President elect remove Mr. Bannon from any further involvement in the new administration. You will also demand that none of the President elect’s family have security clearances.

As “principled Republicans”, you will start to follow your “small government” rhetoric that is left at the governing door. You will respect every individual’s rights, their medical decisions and their lifestyle decisions.

And, as “principled Republicans”, you will demand that we stop our wars and make plans to shrink our military force, and foreign presence where appropriate and return the savings to investments in our nation’s infrastructure, including a rebuilding of federal IT capabilities that will allow it to serve us more efficiently and effectively.

Until then, there are no “principled Republicans”

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