You miss the implied counterpoint
You miss the implied counterpoint.
Robert Hegwood

Uhh, no, I did not. This line of “reasoning” to support the most unfit candidate for the Presidency, ever, is a crass rationalization brought about by overwrought partisans who have come to realize that they are wholly responsible for the Drumpf, but will cast a vote for him anyway. And, of course, you blame it on the Clintons.

You broke your party by following smaller would be demagogues who had no ideas for governing, no interest in governing, except for their own self aggrandizement and enrichment. They distracted you with tales of Clinton terror and palace intrigue while letting the next blowhard yell louder about smaller government, lower taxes for the rich, bigger tax loopholes for their corporate cronies and lefty cabals whose secrets they revealed on Fraud Spews and the rest of the rotten right wing media.

Oh, and voting against the ACA a record fifty something times and two federal government shutdowns that wasted some 25–40 Billions dollars of our money.

But, somehow, HRC is a radical the likes of which the world has never seen and a vote for the Drumpf saves you from having to wake up from your long self induced nightmare because the Dems will save you from yourselves.

If the consequences of having a megalomaniac as POTUS who makes Napoleon look like The Incredible Mr. Limpet,, weren’t so dire, I’d laugh right along and vote him in with you. But, they are, and you are foolish to do so, too.

HRC’s record as a Senator, which you, no doubt, haven’t looked into, is one of a smart, cooperative politician who did right by her constituency. I’m betting that she will act the same way come Jan. 20th at her swearing in ceremony as the next President of the United States. No thanks necessary.

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