Carly and Cali: A Love Gone Wrong (in 3 acts)

Act 1, Scene 1:

The year is 1999.

HP: Have your heard about the new girl?

Cali: Who?

HP: Carly.

Cali: No, who is she?

HP: She is incredible. She was with that guy Lucent for a while, and she turned him around big time.

Cali: Wow. She sounds great.

HP: Yeah, I think I might ask her to join our gang.

Cali: Ok, well I trust you. I’ve known you for years, and if you think she is good, let’s welcome her.

HP: Great. You’ll see, she is going to be great for all of us.

Act 1, Scene 2:

The year is 2001.

Cali: Hey HP, How’s it going?

HP: Not good?

Cali: Why, what’s wrong?

HP: It’s Carly.

Cali: What do you mean?

HP: She changed. She is not the person I thought she was.

Cali: How so?

HP: She said she would take care of me. She knew how important my family was to me, and promised to love my family as much as I do.

Cali: So what happened?

HP: She turned on me. She turned on my family. We had a little bump in the road, and then it was like she was a completely different person. She said she needed to cut ties with some of the ones I loved, and it hurt. I know she meant to do her best, but I don’t think she is helping at all.

Cali: Don’t worry. I’ll look into this.

Act 1, Scene 3:

The year is 2005.

Cali: Carly, I need to talk to you.

Carly: Sure Cali, what’s up?

Cali: I don’t think its working out.

Carly: What do you mean?

Cali: I mean, I think you should go.

Carly: What did I do? I was just doing what was necessary. Anyone else in my position would have done the same thing.

Cali: Nevertheless, I think it is better if you leave

Carly: OK, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Tell HP I only meant the best.

Cali: Sure thing. But Carly.

Carly: Yes.

Cali: I don’t think you should come back. This is going to take a while for us to forgive and forget.

Carly: Sure, I understand. Take care.

Act 2, Scene 1:

The year is 2010.

Barbara: Did you hear who is coming back in town?

Cali: No, who?

Barbara: Carly.

Cali: Carly? You mean, that Carly? But why?

Barbara: Apparantly, she thinks she can be a better friend to you than me.

Cali: What?

Barbara: Yeah, she is trying to convince our friends that she is better for you than me?

Cali: But we didn’t even get along the 1st time she was in town.

Barbara: Apparently this time she says she has changed, and she is right for you.

Cali: I don’t get this at all. She knows you and I have been friends for over 25 years.

Barbara: Yeah. Like her or not, she has self confidence.

Cali: Ok. You know I would never give you up for her, don’t you?

Barbara: Yeah, I know.

Cali: Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her and straigthen it out.

Act 2, Scene 2:

Cali: Hey Carly, can I talk to you?

Carly: Sure Cali, what’s up?

Cali: Barbara mentioned you are back in town. Maybe you don’t remember when we spoke last, but let me be straight with you.

Carly: Sure, go ahead.

Cali: I know that you have been talking with Barbara’s friends. I have talked to them too. It just isn’t going to work out between us.

Carly: Why? I’ve changed. Let’s let bygones be bygones.

Cali: I’m sorry. I’m not ready for that. Plus you know that Barbara has been my friend for over 25 years. I would never leave her for someone that I don’t even know I can count on.

Carly: I’m sorry to hear that. Well, so long.

Act 3, Scene 1:

The year is 2016.

Cali is typing on his computer, when he hears a news report on the radio.

Radio: “Texas Ted has announced that he and Carly are now going steady.”

Cali stops typing.

Cali’s mind is racing. What? Texas Ted and Carly? But Texas Ted is coming to town for my huge party. He begged me to listen to his counteroffer to DT’s business offer. Why would he bring Carly in the picture? Doesn’t he know that Carly has worn out her welcome here twice? I’m sorry. I didn’t care for Texas Ted to begin with, but bringing Carly to the party shows that he doesn’t know me at all.

Cali: (calling on the phone) Texas Ted, this is Cali.

Texas Ted: Oh hey Cali, how are you doing? I am in Indiana right now, but I can’t wait to see you at your party.

Cali: Well, I’m not sure if I can say the same.

Texas Ted: What do you mean?

Cali: I’m talking about you and Carly.

Texas Ted: She said she knows you, and that you are good friends.

Cali: You should have asked me that before you invited her to my party.

Texas Ted: But she said you all went way back.

Cali: That is the problem. Carly didn’t leave on the best of terms, and we told her twice now that it is best she didn’t bother us anymore.

Texas Ted: C’mon. Be reasonable. She has changed. Plus you don’t want DT for your deal right? You know I’ll take care of you.

Cali: I’m not so sure. As much as we are not sure about DT, we don’t necessarily see eye to eye with you, Texas Ted. The fact that you would bring Carly to our party without asking if she would be welcome makes me question how well you know us after all.

Texas Ted: Be reasonable Cali. I’m been preoccupied with Indiana here, but once I am done here, you will have my undivided attention.

Cali: That’s ok. Nevermind. While I got you on the line, can you pass a message to Carly.

Texas Ted: Sure Cali, whatever you want.

Cali: Tell her no means no. For the 3rd time.

Fade to black. Curtain drops.

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