What a smash hit Kickstarter referral funnel looks like

The guys at Podo Labs have “crushed it” for a second time. Their 2nd edition stick-anywhere camera may save us yet from the bane of selfie-sticks.

I was at a conference where I saw the Podo hands on, and it really does stick just about anywhere.


Podo offered incentives to “refer a friend” to their campaign. From a list they sent out, it appears that 41 referrers referred a total of 169 customers. Not bad, but based on their number of backers, that total comes out to 2.0% of the total number of backers.

Interestingly, their top referrer, referred a whopping 79 customers! That means that one customer was responsible for 47% of referred customers. Does their referrals follow the 80/20 rule? Pretty close. The top 20% of referrers (top 8 out of 40 in this case), referred 122 customers. That comes out to 72% of the referred customers.

To summarize, the referral funnel was:

  • 2% of all backers were referrals (41 referrers, 169 referred customers),
  • 47% of all referrals came from one referrer (79 referred),
  • 72% of all referrals came from the top 20% of referrers (top 8 referred 122 customers).

Congrats to the Podo Labs team. Looking forward to getting mine once it ships.