Coming to Andela, I thought it was all about being the best, the brightest, and coming in first. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m just now beginning to understand the EPIC values that Andelans hold so dear.

Excellence is not so much a measure of how much you know as it is a measure of how much you learn. This is why each task I complete is tougher than the last — to test my passion for and commitment to programming.

I didn’t understand the power of collaboration until today. A function I had written returned an error I didn’t understand. When I sought help on Slack, what had plagued me for hours was solved in minutes (if only I had reached out sooner).

Finally, and most importantly, integrity is when you have the option to copy-and-paste code online but instead opt to study and understand its logic.

I have learned more about programming over the last three days than I have in the past four years.