My dilemma you ask? I have barely an hour to submit today’s tasks and Andelans are sticklers for time. Everything in Andela as I know it happens before or on time, never after. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be meeting today’s deadline — I am late — which at Andela is as good as being out.

But I’m not about to give up just yet cause Andela is as much about learning as it is about punctuality and thus far, I have gained a wealth of knowledge courtesy of them. Test-driven development in python using unittest, real world applications of object oriented programming, and version control using git were all foreign concepts that I am now conversant with.

So as I race time against time to complete today’s tasks, I am grateful to Andela for introducing an aspiring programmer (me) to a host of learning avenues and for an opportunity to learn in collaboration with the brightest programmers.


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