Gold: Investing in Gold?

Gold analysts’ predictions for the future price of gold

Investing in gold for return on investment in 2021 has been the theme of many of my recent posts.

From my years of experience with the financial markets advising clients and financial advisors where to invest their money, I have never seen a more precise signal than I do right now to invest in gold.

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My future price predictions about investing in gold are on the record: investing in gold now should produce a return on investment from 20% to 100% in 2021.

Wall Street Gold Analysts’ Predictions for Gold

What are Wall Street gold analysts predicting for the future price of gold?

Every day since publishing my initial thoughts on the US stock market and the future price of gold, more and more Wall Street gold analysts are coming forward with bullish forecasts for the future price of gold.

For example, a recent article titled, “Gold Could Be Heading to $5000,” states:

“Bank of America Merrill Lynch says it expects gold to hit $3,000 by early 2022 while Citigroup and billionaire Thomas Kaplan, founder of New York-based asset management firm Electrum Group, believe that $5,000 is in the crosshairs.” (Oilprice.com, September 6, 2020)

Additionally, hedge fund managers, who invest money for the wealthiest of investors, are investing in gold. Per Yahoo!Finance:

“Hedge Funds Add to Long Positions

According to the most recent commitment of the trader’s report released for the date ending September 1, 2020, managed money increased their long position in futures and options by 11K contracts, while reducing short positions in futures and options by 1K contracts. Open interest that is long futures and options outnumbers open interest that is short in the managed money space by a robust 150K contracts.”

In other words, large institutional investors are buying gold because they predict the future price of gold is going up.

Furthermore, a compilation of 56 gold forecasts and their sources states, “More and more analysts say $3,000 is assured; $10,000 is likely; $20,000 is possible.”

Warren Buffet Investing in Gold

Even Warren Buffet, who many consider the greatest investor of all-time, recently placed a big bet on the future increase in the price of gold.

When Warren Buffet invests $563 million into the gold market, all investors should take notice. Per MarketWatch:

“Buffett has not been a fan of gold. As a matter of fact, he has often derided the precious metal. To the dismay of gold bugs, Buffett has been the de facto leader of the anti-gold crowd. There has been a belief that investing in gold was akin to betting against America.

Buffett deserves credit for shifting his stance to the new reality as a result of the irrational policies of massive borrowing and money printing by U.S. leaders. Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A, +1.24% bought about 21 million shares of gold miner Barrick Gold GOLD, 4.30%, spending about $563 million. That’s according to a filing released Aug. 14.

Buffett’s conversion to gold is a signal for other stock market investors.”

As the consensus shows, Wall Street gold analysts, hedge fund managers, and even Warren Buffet are investing in gold.

In my opinion, owning physical gold is the best way to buy and invest in gold. For more information about investing in gold, use the link below:

Click here: Investing in Gold.

Fill out the online form for a free gold kit about investing in gold; additionally, someone will call you to help you through the process.

I refer my family, friends, and clients to this company above (that is my affiliate link, so I receive compensation when my friends, family, clients, or someone else does business with this company).

The time for investing in gold is now.

Disclaimer: This article is solely my opinion for informational purposes only; therefore, it should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice. Please consult with a financial professional before making any significant financial decisions.

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