Vegas Entrepreneur Makes Good

As proof of the recovery of the Las Vegas real estate market since the dark days of 2008 devastated business across the country, numerous entrepreneurs in the Las Vegas area have built new fortune on the now vibrant real estate game there.

MID-BAR Estates, LLC owner and CEO Kenneth (Khi) Friedman is a prime example of the odds now favoring the player in Vegas. Friedman, an entrepreneurial investor has built a small business and property rental company pouring new life into older Vegas communities over the past several years from almost nothing into a million dollar venture employing only four staff. Vegas was one of the hardest hit cities in the crash of 2008.

Says Friedman: “You have to be tenacious. You have to know that if and when you fail, (and you will occasionally!) you must pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and press on again. This also means being a source of positive energy for your coworkers, associates, employees and giving thanks to God for every good thing,” often easier said than done.

Asked what best describes his method for success in practical application of this attitude Friedman relates a concept of taking advantage of what already exists in any neighborhood, seeking to do more than simply turn a quick buck. “You go into a project with intent to do a mitzvah (good deed)” Friedman relates. “If you improve property more than necessary, to simply rent it, or sell it, you’ve also improved that street, that neighborhood a bit too. This, in turn raises the quality of life for all. This gets rewarded by creation of happier tenants or buyers and encourages other property owners, investors, residents to improve upon their property, which boosts value and standards.”

Successful new investment companies such as ‘MID-BAR Estates’ are amongst a growing trend of small business ventures in Vegas with a touch of soul not seen in the many larger real estate companies based outside the state.

“Tikkun Olam (healing the world) can be expressed in the way we do business, not just in our spare time,” says Friedman. Words to live by indeed.

One might suppose in a city like Las Vegas, this method of special regard for improving the community would be of premium importance. One can only wish MID-BAR Estates and its altruistic CEO all the best.

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