Trump and Sanders are the Same Man

Hey, look, it’s a couple of grumpy old men.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the same man.

Well, they’re not literally the same man. But they are each hateful, unrealistic, demagogues playing off the ignorant emotions of their base.

Let’s take a look at each of them and show how Trump holds the same spot in the Republican race as Sanders holds in the Democrat race.

Idealized Persona

Donald Trump is a highly successful private businessman. His personal net worth is recorded in billions. He has no need of the donor class in his campaign because he has all the money he could ever need. Never mind the sometimes shady things he did to maintain his wealth. What could possibly be more ideal in the eyes of a Republican? Republicans love stories of individual success and independence.

Bernie Sanders is an eccentric professional politician and activist with high-minded academic ideas. He has never spent a day of his life in the ‘real world’. His campaign lives off small donations from the many rather than large donations from the corporate elite. What could possibly be more ideal in the eyes of a Democrat? An activist, an intellectual, abstractly solving the worlds problems without worrying about ‘real world’ application … funded by the many, a people’s movement.

Create the Bad Guy

Donald Trump hates those illegal immigrants. He’s going to round them up and ship them all back to where they came from. They came here to steal your job and there’s no way he’s going to let that happen anymore. It’s the fault of the immigrants, damnit! By the way, some of the immigrants are Muslims — and that’s doubly bad!

“The goal of socialism is communism.” — Vladimir Lenin

Bernie Sanders hates the wealthy. The 1% represent everything wrong with the world. They work against humanity to make all of us poor and hungry and enslaved. He’s going to make them pay! Take from the wealthy and pay higher wages to those doing the least valued jobs among us! Tax, tax, and tax the rich so that everyone can have free healthcare! But don’t stop there! Tax the rich some more and give everyone free education! Because, of course, everything is free when it’s other people’s money!

Emotional Appeal

Practically every word out of Trump’s mouth is “I’m macho and awesome”.

Donald Trump is here to make America great again. We’re going to create a winner. It’s all about winning and he knows how to win. You’ve been losing lately, but with Trump, you’re going to win. How? He never actually says how. He just says he’s going to get the best people around him and they’re going to start winning right away. He’s going to be powerful and run over all the possible opposition and make all of us win by association. Donald will satisfy your need to be macho and pummel your opponents into the ground.

Bernie Sanders is here to make sure you get your fair share. You weren’t given enough in life and you deserve more. Who cares if you’ve never done anything to earn it, it’s the system’s fault if that’s the case. Those evil people who have moved up the ladder and succeeded, they’re going to pay for what they’ve done and you’re going to get more stuff because of it. Your life will be easier. He’s an activist, so here’s some pseudo-science to make yourself feel better about it! Bernie will satisfy your sense of greed and entitlement.


So … Bernie and Donald are the same guy, just playing to different audiences. Their methods are the same and millions are flocking to their messages. It doesn’t matter to which side of the political spectrum you lean, that either demagogue could get so much traction should be worrisome. A government by the people cannot be effective when those people are making choices based on emotion and selfishness rather than rational contemplation.

Look again at the emotional appeals that both Trump and Sanders are making: macho … greed … bullying … entitlement. There is nothing good in any of those appeals. What happened to appeals to positive ideals? Ideals like hard work, sacrifice, responsibility, respect, and independence? And yet people flock to these two men. America … we’re screwed.