Pitch for final story

I want to write about attending a university as a 30+ student. I think that in general our experiences are a lot different than students who go to college right after high school. While there may be set backs for some, my situation is different. I had a job that was paying me over 150k per year, so my thought process was why get a degree when I’m making this amount of money?

I think that exploring others situations and why they chose to attend a university at the time they did is an interesting topic. There is a real human element to this story. It’s about the dreamers, who have wanted something for so long, but just never managed to fit it into their schedule.

I think it’s a very relevant topic for many people. Some people think because they reach an age, their opportunity is over. That is not the case. It is never to late to learn something new. I want this story to inspire others to get out there and follow their hearts.

My hope would be to interview at least two to three other individuals who are 30+. I will compile my personal experience and tell their stories, which I’m sure will be very different.