What I’m doing in response to Trump’s Presidency

Here’s what I’m doing in response to Donald Trump’s presidency.

Please share this list and document your own political actions.
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Listed in order of perceived importance, some omitted:


Trump’s presidency will be terrible for most of us. 
Climate change will destroy most humans on Earth if we proceed as is
— The profit motive is killing us. 
— Making your body visible on the street is more important than any other political work.
— Nonviolent action is generally more effective than violent action.


a. Pay attention to people you trust. Fact check before making a judgement.

b. Don’t stop talking with people who support Trump. Show them the bad things he has done and is doing (transcripts, legislation summaries, and videos are best).

c. Know your physical needs and vulnerabilities.

d. Subsume pain into action.

e. Understand, then moralize. (If waiting is dangerous, trust your gut.)

f. If a citizen or organizer is doing political work parallel to yours, don’t criticize it or them —as long as they are doing work.

g. If you see fraud, shout fraud.

h. Join existing local political organizations and efforts, particularly those lead by people of color.

i. Speak in language that people understand. Make it plain. Repeat your message over and over again.

j. Do not extend the principle of charity to people who have great power over you.


  1. Protecting my online activity and communications.
  2. Learning what to do if stopped by police, immigration agents, or the FBI.
  3. Learning my rights when I peacefully protest.
  4. Lifting heavy weights to get as strong as possible as quickly as possible.
  5. Putting together Go Bags.
  6. Talking with my loved ones about our risk thresholds if violent persecution of others becomes normal.
  7. Memorizing the phone numbers of my closest friends. Establishing a meeting place with them in case of emergency.
  8. Asking Muslim, Mexican American, Black, and LGBTQ friends what they need.
  9. Organizing local friends and working with the biggest group of local progressives, leftists, socialists, and Democrats.
  10. Finding out who my representatives are.
  11. Getting as active as possible in city and state politics.
  12. Getting an email every time Congress schedules a vote on a bill, then reading the summaries of those bills.


13. My Senators and Congressperson to urge them to reject all of Trump’s cabinet nominations, obstruct Congressional proceedings as much as possible, filibuster like their lives depend on it, and, finally: impeach Trump.

14. My Senators and Congressperson to urge them to publicly promote legislation that would implement single-payer, Medicare-for-all healthcare, like the United States National Health Care Act (H.R. 676).

15. My state legislators to urge them to support legislation that would enter New Mexico (my state) into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, raise New Mexico’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, legalize medical aid in dying, establish universal healthcare coverage in New Mexico, automatically register folks with drivers licenses to vote, and more. My main focus is healthcare legislation.

16. Daily Action (one call per day)


17. The Democratic Socialists of America (starting New Mexico’s first Chapter)

18. Retake Our Democracy (local)

19. Somos Un Pueblo Unido (local)

20. The NAACP

21. Flippable

22. The Santa Fe New Mexican (local, for local news only)

23. NMPolitics.net (for local and state news)

24. What The Fuck Just Happened, Today? (daily)


24. Money to a fund for government employees who resist the Trump administration


What The Fuck Just Happened, Today? (daily)
Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda
How to survive an autocracy
Trump: collaborate or resist? 
Trump as president is not normal
A time for refusal
Don’t count on checks and balances to save you
A Holocaust historian’s imperatives.


State Legislature


— These are the most consequential months of your life. 
— This is a marathon, not a sprint. Pick a few things and do them well. 
— Don’t give up.