Crypto Valley Visit

EDIT: feel free to sign up using the same form mentioned below to indicate interest for future trips.

I’m excited to be co-hosting a group visit to “Crypto Valley” on 14–16 August in Zug and Zurich, Switzerland. If you too are crypto crazy, this area where many top blockchain and digital currency companies have been locating needs no intro. Zug today is not just some nameplate corporate HQ, it is a progressive and technologically advanced place (Ethereum ID’s to all!), analogous to how Porto Portugal’s residents benefit from its hometown hero in mesh networking.

Jeremy Epstein had the great idea to put together a gathering to meet with companies and folks there, and I’m along as Vice Chair. His event post explains the event and vital details (please read it, if interested).

Agenda is solid (to be released soon), although with not all necessarily marquee names. We want to have a deeply conversational and thought-provoking get-together, rather than very media attention-grabbing.

Our target attendee participants are enthusiasts already well-versed in decentralizing internet technologies, including blockchain, crypto-currencies and beyond. We’ve already confirmed some VC’s and hackers, but other deep thinkers and some simply curious will likely make the list too; will be a great group. The event is free of charge. And hey, it’s gorgeous Switzerland in summer.

Unfortunately, we are very limited in spaces. To indicate interest as a participant (or speaker, or host), please use the form located on the event’s post.