I often look at other eCommerce sites from a shoppers perspective and look at the users experience, I almost always learn something new, or challenge my own assumptions about what works.

I was shopping online for a messenger bag at Timbuk2 because I really love their bags (no affiliation) and I was looking at a bag on an item page for a particular messenger bag.

Item page of bag with no XS on Timbuk2 site

The “XS” size that I wanted for this bag was not available, so the button was grayed out, but for some reason, and without really thinking about it I clicked the “XS” button, which took me to a what appeared to be a different but similar item which had the size that I wanted. I am very curious to know what percentage of users select sizes that are not available with out any feedback. I am also curious and fascinated by weather or not this converts for them. In this case I cared much more about color and size than I did about the exact type of bag, so for me this was, as I like to say “a delightful customer experience”

Item page of bag with XS available on Timbuk2 site

Now admittedly, this is a different color, but the message that got sent was that they did have the size I was looking for and allowed me to continue shopping to find a color I was happy with. I showed this to a friend who didn’t like this experience as much as I did, and suggested some sort of dialog, giving the customer the option before they proceed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you like an experience like this?

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