High Blood Pressure — What To Ask The Doctor

When your heart pumps blood into the arteries, the pressure in these vessels is called blood pressure. Such pressure is reported with two numbers: systolic blood pressure diastolic blood pressure.

When this pressure becomes too high, this adds additional tension to your heart and blood vessels. If your blood pressure stays high all the time, you will be at risk for heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and other health problems.
The following are some questions that you may want to ask the doctor or nurse to help taking care of your blood pressure.

• How can I change the way I live to lower my blood pressure?

• What is a diet healthy? Is it okay if ever as something that is not healthy for the heart?

• What are some ways to eat healthy when I go to a restaurant?

• Do I need to reduce the amount of salt consumption?

• Are there other seasonings that can be used to make my food taste good?

• Is it okay if I take something from alcohol?

• What can I do to stop smoking?

• There is no problem with being around other people who are smoking?
I check my blood pressure at home? Get Latest Info http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Blood_pressure_explained

• What kind of device or equipment should I buy? Where can I learn how to use it?

• How often do I need to check my blood pressure? Should I write down it and take it to my next visit?

• If not I can check my own blood pressure, where more can I do it I examine?

• What should be my blood pressure reading? When should I call the doctor or nurse?

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