You Write what you Eat

“You Write what you Eat”…
Over the course of long strings of free-writing assignments, I’ve come to recognize a very significant pattern:
Whatever I consumed, dictated my performance.
“Consume” meaning, the things which I ingest, be it air, water, food, entertainment (music, movies) books, advertisement, etc., any “thing” from the outside allowed, or not allowed (consciously or unconsciously) into my mind and/or body.
As humans surviving and striving for happiness, we consume constantly — for physical growth, spiritual growth or professional growth. But king of all is when we can get feedback on the level of the item consumed. This is the area where we can make significant change.
Some of the things that we consume are more visible than others, some have more subtle/slower effects, and some have more visible/quicker effects, but the point is that what goes in dictates what comes out, hence my saying…
“You Write What You Eat”
 Now that we got the science lesson out of the way, let’s get back to writing…
Whether it be a how-to book feeding me tips of writing or a plate of food feeding me nutrition, I’ve noticed a good or bad outcome to what was taken in. 
I’m beginning to come to grips with the fact that as a writer, I am essentially seeking to effect readers. Plain and simple. I am seeking to make a mark on the many minds out in the world, especially on the minds of our youth, folks who can use a piece of “healthy” writing for their own consumption.
It was when I thought about all of the minds — Black, White, female, male — that I would be effecting, that this whole science of consumption hit me hard. I realized that to give people my best, I had to be at my best. Sure I was always writing with the best of intention, seeking to give the reader my best, but it was when I put the pen down (or got up from the laptop) that unknowing damage was being made. Away from the pen and pad, I was now susceptible to being negatively affected by things like foods, advertisement and entertainment. It’s almost like a writer is never really off the clock.
In Summary:
That which I consume, be it a piece of reading material, a food, a drink, a thought, each thing has an effect on my words, an effect on my drive, my passion, and I must be aware of this at all times.

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