Disruption in one industry creates multiple ripple effects

We’ve all seen emerging trends in mobile phone innovation. Businesses have experienced the most disruption compared to all other fields in smart device technology. Because today people have more and more started using phones to read, research and buy their goods.

In terms of financial damage due to media disruption, we all would agree that desktop computer industry has suffered a heavy loss. Take for an instance according to a research by outfit Gartner in the second quarter of 2015 the sales of desktop computers dropped by 9.5% in 2015, while the sales of smart devices continue to rise today.

LinkedIn is a widely popular social media site designed specifically for business community. This media helps to ease business to business endeavors. Now lets take a look at how LinkedIn has created a series of disruption in other industries such as their processes of marketing/prospecting and even recruiting. We’ve also seen LinkedIn with its latest extensions such as LinkedIn features, LinkedIn pulse. And if you were one of those smart forward thinkers then you would have already used this new features in LinkedIn to further expand your marketing presence within LinkedIn.

As a living proof of ‘social media era’, we’ve all seen plenty of disruption and changes caused by social media on our day to day basis. This has even reached to television sport advertising such as super bowl. A 30 second commercial advertisement during super bowl would cost businesses $4.5 million. According to Interactive advertising bureau 50% of people who watch super bowl on TV were watching videos on their smart phone at the same time. Now even the smallest businesses who can’t afford to pay $4.5 million have the opportunity to reach out to their potential customers through smart phones. such paradigm shifts invites for more investment in mobile ads, according to recent marketing research compared to traditional media such as TV, radio and print there seems to be an increasing interest in mobile ads. Lets not even go the economical consequences of such a shift in our society.

Just like ‘change’ disruption is also inevitable in business and life. How we act upon this disruptive forces will eventually determine, weather this flow will take us ahead or leave us behind.

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