Greetings ken Cowen
Sakhile Xulu

Hi Sakhile!

Very kind of you to respond. I appreciate your effort to raise consciousness among your colleagues, to shine a light on the mental shackles that hold us back. As you well know, this is not a problem limited to Africa or formerly colonised peoples. The mental prisons you refer to are part of the mindscape for people living within the empire, too. The hierarchies of gender, class, skin color, faith are the means of control that those who hold power employ to divide the great majority. But, this you know.

Although I have not had the good fortune to set foot in Africa, I’ve had some wonderful students, friends & co-workers from several countries. Your concerns are the same as theirs, as well as my own: human liberation. Each of us has a path, a way, and as we find our way, we’ll find fellow travellers, hopefully a trustworthy guide, and steadfast companions. It is a lifelong struggle, to be sure, but we have the momentum and the desire to achieve the freedom we aspire to.

Those of us who are here now, recognize the urgency of the moment and the importance of unity as we respond to the crises we are facing. I don’t know how we reach that stage, globally, but it’s happening here and there as local groups kindle the spirit in their communities, building alternatives, resisting the forces that would bind us to the dead-end road of ecological disasters. It appears that we share the same perspective on this. (Sorry about that tortured metaphor.)

It helps to remember that it’s a dialectical, organic process with countless interacting factors. What you do as an individual has an effect on your environment, just as the environment affects you, sustaining & constraining your existence. The mutuality of this dynamic is essential to understanding our situation and how to best respond. I hope you have a circle of friends with whom you share your thoughts and observations. We all need support.

Best wishes for your continuing work. Peace.