Although the American republic was founded with many imperfections and contradictions — such as the institution of slavery — the timeless principles laid at its foundation have led to more human prosperity for a wider variety of people than any civilization in human history.
Unlike the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick, Frederick Douglass Loved ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’
Heritage Foundation

And blissfully ignoring the fact that those “timeless principles” are far from achieved (and often willfully ignored) is the point of of the controversy sparked by Kaepernick’s protest.

Many people are seeing his action as unpatriotic, but so is blindly adhering to fanatical patriotism unconditionally. Fortunately, we have the freedom in this country to not participate in nationalistic rites and rituals. A couple of countries where citizens don’t have that right come to mind. (Can you say China and North Korea?)

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