One recent study showed that about 14% of non-citizens self report registering to vote.
David Cearley

David there is much to be corrected here. The study you cite is a canard that has been repeated mostly by the Washington Times and surrogates for the Republican president. The various studies from which they are pulling their numbers have been well discussed and even one of the authors of the original Old Dominion Study (Jesse Richman) says the research does “not support claims of massive voter fraud by illegal immigrants.”

Follow the links to get the real information.

“The bigger issue is that large numbers of minorities fail to vote on their own.” This is a ridiculous statement in light of the fact that anywhere from 49% to 63% of eligible voters ever vote (depending on which government source you look at.) Roughly 50% of Americans don’t care to vote so I don’t see how you can claim minorities are any more apathetic (unless you have some data that shows that there is a significant discrepancy from the overall electorate.)

The issue of voter suppression is very real. The focus of “Voter ID” is not about identifying voters. It’s all about the kinds of ID being required and the hurdles erected to make it difficult for specific populations to obtain that ID. That is why the courts are finding the laws violate the Civil Rights Act. The North Carolina law was struck down because the court found it was designed to specifically target black and Democratic voters. If ID were really the concern, the focus should be on making the proper ID easier to obtain, not harder.