Interested to understand the relevance of his colour.
Russell Hogg

Hypothetical headlines :

“Gabby Douglas Confirms She Was Robbed at Gunpoint: They Put a Gun ‘to My Forehead’

“Brazil police official: Douglas made up story about robbery”

“Gabby Douglas apologizes — but not for lying about robbery”

“Gabby Douglas: I ‘Over-Exaggerated’ Rio Robbery Tale”

Now just imagine how those headlines would actually be received. The typical response would be outrage of course. But there would not be the “girls just having fun” defense. There would be demands for the African-American “leadership” to renounce her and for black parents to instruct their kids how to behave. The response from the Twitterverse doesn’t need to be imagined. It’s actually already out there — about her hair and her lack of “patriotism.”

Unfortunately yes, we need to “mention colour all the time” because today there is a huge difference in how people of color are treated compared to their white counterparts.

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