Sometimes I wonder though , if this recent surge of “racism” or more hatred and anger directed at other races, is partly ( not fully) due to white people feeling that no matter what they do, they will be seen as racists, and also because we have lost our balance, perspective .
This was such a great response.. Thank you so much.
A Ennis

Thanks for your kind words! I’ve enjoyed our exchange and appreciate your heartfelt and honest commentary.

There are a few things in your post that raise a flag to me — this passage especially — and, rather than cite articles and statistics, I’d like to suggest you research a few things to get a better understanding of the facts and the lay of the land.

Racism is very real. Always has been for America and it continues today. While for the past 50 years or so, it has certainly been unacceptable (and in many cases, illegal) to practice racial preference, it has never gone away. Yes, there are many, many, many people like you for whom racial supremacy of any kind is abhorrent. But there are still millions and millions for whom the transition to racial equality is very threatening. Many of the institutionalized and structural implementations of racial preference are still in place.

You mentioned Ferguson. See the DoJ report to get an understanding of what conditions led up to the unrest there. The death of Michael Brown was just the match that lit the fuse on a huge tinderbox. Also, take a look at The Making of Ferguson by the Economic Policy Institute which gives a great view of the public policies that created Ferguson and hundreds of other communities like it across the country.

With respect to deaths caused by police, yes, shootings are one thing. But the numbers of deaths at the hands of police is far greater than just deaths caused by police shootings. And it is significantly more likely for a young black man to die in a police encounter than it is for his white counterpart. 6 times more likely, in fact. (Of course it is logical for more white people to be killed than black people in absolute numbers since black people are only about 13% of the total population. On a relative basis though the ratio is 6:1.)

You are obviously a caring person. You clearly want to see a much more harmonious and loving situation in this country. I sense that you get a lot of your information from certain sources and I would recommend you question everything you hear and read. Investigate all the claims that are made and then make your own decisions. ( and are great places to reality check thing like statistics that get thrown around.) Don’t take anything at face value till you’ve had a chance to determine its veracity on your own.

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