Some black activists, when asked, will wonder why the first NYPD officer to face charges for a line-of-duty shooting in more than a decade was Chinese. Chinese supporters of Liang, if prompted, agree that police should face greater scrutiny, and acknowledge a shared struggle for equal treatment. But the question of whether Liang should serve jail time is a fundamental disagreement.
Why the Peter Liang trial brought thousands of Asian Americans into New York’s streets
Frank Shyong

This is the crux of the matter. To make the first recent target of holding a police officer accountable for the death of an unarmed black victim a Chinese officer certainly smacks of scapegoating and sacrificing an “expendable” member of the blue line. Clearly, Officer Liang should suffer the consequences of his actions, and jail time is not unreasonable. However, when held against the preponderant “justice” meted to other police officers in countless similar situations in NYC, it certainly is worth asking “Why Liang and not the others?”