You are correct that the clintons have been scrutinized.
Tim Quernemoen

Tim, I think what you’re noticing is that Trump is just now getting the critical attention we expected (should have demanded?) earlier on. Right now it seems like a storm because it is! He’s the hot ticket right now because, up until now, he was the media’s darling — generating ratings and revenue like no one before. The fact that the Republican party fielded such a clown show of primary candidates was made for today’s “press” and American culture. (The party should have controlled things, but decided to let the freak show go on for way too long.) Now that he’s made it, they have to take a real look at Trump. It’s the way the media works today, especially Fox News. Les Moonves famously stated about Trump in the primaries “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

I don’t think this country is in any way viewing Clinton all that much less reprehensible than Trump. Her unfavorable rating is the second worst of any candidate ever. The only one worse than her is Trump. I’m sure she’ll continue to get hammered on all the familiar old, as well as new, issues.

This is truly a selection between the “lesser of 2 evils.” The electorate is clearly tired of both parties, the do-nothing Congress, the “rigged” nomination process, and the corruption of the political system. We are seeing a new American Revolution taking shape. The question I have is, do “we the people” have the balls to force the parties to fix things? Based on how we elect and re-elect our representatives, the answer so far is “no.” Until we start firing these guys, we’ll get more of the same.