Thanks for the link, I had no idea you were so intimately familiar with the subject.
David Cearley

You keep doing what you’re doing! I have no doubt your children are outstanding and make you a proud Dad! I appreciate the challenge you face raising kids in today’s world (I have a 26 year old and she’s struggling to be independent) and applaud you making the effort and sacrifice. I wish you and your family nothing but happiness!

I hear you! Even with facts, it’s hard to know what’s right. Sometimes you just have to go with what your head and your heart tell you. I’m convinced that neither of the 2 major parties is in a position to make the changes necessary. Both are responsible for our current status and both have sold out all principle for the sake of winning and feathering the nest of the “haves” at the expense of the “have nots.” The fact that we have the 2 candidates we have proves the parties are completely and utterly bereft of the moral character and leadership we need today.

I’m also convinced that the only way the parties will ever change is to be destroyed from within. The GOP is almost there, but not quite. The Democrats are much farther along the path than most think, but may be able to dodge the bullet for a couple of years. (They’re projecting a unified face, but it is far from unified as a party.) What scares me is the thought of what rises from the ashes of either party.

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