#HootSwag Winner of the Week

This week I participated in @HootSuite’s #HootChat, which occurs weekly Thursdays 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

@Hootsuite tweeted at 2:01 p.m. reminding their followers that their #HootChat began in an hour. I quote tweeted their reminder adding, “Tuned into #HootChat for the next hour to hear a relevant seminar on #SocialListening for businesses! #UFSMM”

The theme during this Twitter Chat was #SocialListening. Their special guest for the week was Keg Steakhouse + Bar (@TheKeg). Throughout the conversation, @Hootsuite would retweet @TheKeg’s answers to the #HootChat questions. @TheKeg’s #SocialListening strategy was to celebrate others and congratulate them on Twitter, thus giving potential customers the excuse to come eat at @TheKeg.

In the theme of steakhouses, @Hootsuite began the chat with an icebreaker asking “Who would you share a steak dinner with if you could choose anyone in history?”

I tweeted introducing myself, saying I attend University of Florida and I would share a steak with Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The #HootChat proceeded by @Hootsuite asking the eight of their pre-prepared questions. I emphasized throughout the chat that #SocialListening is important because people no longer require face-to-face interaction for customer service or troubleshooting. Twitter is best for #SocialListening because people can voice their opinions ASAP and it is and easy tool to measure audience analytics. Building on the idea of measuring success through audience analytics, I retweeted Miguel Luís (@Migueluis) who said “A6. Sentiment, Reviews, Follower Growth, Engagement Rates…”

@Hootsuite actually retweeted my answer to their third question, “What are you listening for when you perform social listening?”

I tweeted, “A3. I use #SocialListening to find questions, complaints, praises, but most of all ideas for CHANGE! Innovate or get left behind #HootChat” along with a GIF for emphasis.

My tweet received 15 retweets, 57 likes and four replies.

I found that people were very engaging throughout the Twitter Chat. It was easy to see how others were answering @Hootsuite’s questions they posed by following the hashtag #HootChat. I was encouraged and praised for my responses and for participating in the chat.

Cheval John‏ (@chevd80) tweeted to me after my first answer in the #HootChat, “Great point, kendal and looks like you are one step ahead of your fellow college classmates because you are here #hootchat”.

At the end of the chat I thanked @TheKeg and @Hootsuite for participating in the #HootChat and furthering my education.

@Hootsuite finished the chat by presenting ME as the #HootSwag winner of the week! I direct messaged them and they shipped me a #HootSwag T-shirt.

This reward for participating in my first Twitter Chat made the experience all the more enjoyable. I will definitely be participating in the next #HootChat.