Storytelling: The Skill that will Standout on a Resume

Storytelling is the new Buzzword going the corporate world.

Skype uses Storytelling in a campaign called “Born Friends”

Storytelling is a new marketing practice that many large companies are using to generate sales and promote their brand. As talked about last week, content marketing is creating content that people enjoy watching and want to share. I see storytelling as a form of content marketing.

Shane Snow of Contently calls storytelling, “a timeless skill.” Snow also mentions that storytelling has been a buzzword on and off over the years. This time I think it is sticking around. This is because of the multiple ways to present the content, there is text-based, multimedia and interactive. Now, companies’ can self-publish their content or the other options are rented and social content.

The term storytelling is so controversial and a constant topic of conversation because the stories aren’t about a companies brand, they are about people. In an article by Bobby Rettew, he says he hates the buzzword storytelling because companies do not like to talk about their brand at all. Even though the company is not talking about their brand, this form of marketing works. Experts say it is finding a person with a great story and finding some way to connect it to the company.

In my opinion storytelling works; it always has and I see it sticking around for a long time. With so many platforms to share stories on, stories are going to continue to get more creative. Growing up, stories are used to capture the attention of children. With the right tools, stories will be able to capture the attention of adults, as well.

Along with the Shane Snow article, an article on Portner Novelli explains that storytelling is here to stay. The article mentions that it is an art that was created by our ancestors. A good story creates a big impact when there are compelling characters, layers, and a touch of emotion. According to Porter Novelli, “storytelling will outlive the buzzword,” and I agree. Storytelling is an effective way to communicate when done correctly.

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