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The Summary

Mornings are hard, but mornings with kids are harder. Parents have enough to deal with on their own when they start the day, but with a little help from Ready Freddy, they will have time to address their own needs (like sleep) and be able to teach their kids independence. Ready Freddy is an Amazon Alexa skill created to make mornings less hectic.

The Problem, Solution, and Impact

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, everyone can agree that a stressful morning is a bad way to start the day — especially for parents trying to get their kids ready for the day. Making breakfast, packing lunches, and preparing for work all while having to constantly tell a seven-year-old which task to complete can turn mornings into a battle that’s no fun for anyone.

The Features

Choose Your Routine: Ready Freddy allows you to choose from a variety of routines to find one that fits your life and your morning. When you launch the app, Freddy will ask which routine you would like to load and allows you to look through a list of routines to choose your favorite.

The Technology

Ready Freddy is a skill for the Amazon Echo, powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice service. Smart speakers and virtual assistants have become a huge trend lately, and they don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. According to a recent report from Edison Research, 18% of Americans over the age of 12 own a smart speaker, up from just 7% last year. Of that group, 83% of people choose to use Alexa, either exclusively or in addition to a competing device.

The Journey

Our initial challenge was learning to code for Alexa without an advanced developer on the team, so the research phase was essential. Free online courses, Amazon documentation and plenty of Google searching made it possible for us to understand how Ready Freddy could come to life. Designing and developing for Alexa is a different process than coding for the web or creating an iOS app, and familiarizing ourselves with that system was a hurdle we had to overcome before even starting to create Ready Freddy.

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