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Reducing carbon emissions is at the forefront of many peoples’ thinking today given the reoccurring, environmental events we see in the news. An uptick in fires, hurricanes, and natural disasters makes us reassess what we are doing during our daily lives that may impact the environment negatively and contribute to these events.

Our team set out to try and better understand users that are interested in how to reduce their carbon footprint from a transportation perspective as transportation is a big contributor to carbon emissions. …

Our team was tasked with helping the San Francisco Public Library understand how it might redesign its site to better serve its target market. SFPL provided us with a persona upfront, so we began our research there. After receiving the persona, the first thing we needed to understand more about our prospective client was about where it stood in relation to its competition. To do this, we employed the following methodologies:

Business Model Canvas
We used a business model canvas to guide the start of our initial research. The canvas allowed us to understand the values, mission, funding, and demographics…

We sought to find out how we might improve remote communication for Zoom users in the midst of COVID. Although we started our research believing they needed a way to manage their productivity better, we instead found that they really needed safe alternatives to their current work environment. Users’ surroundings directly impacted their productivity, motivation, and overall mental health.

With these findings, we designed the “Find Workspace Near Me” Zoom navigation and rankings feature. Users are able to locate outdoor areas using their current (or desired) location to find a safe, quiet, and work-friendly setting with a stable internet…


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