Amazing Benefits of Oral Probiotics

Kendall Espinal
Jul 19, 2018 · 3 min read

You may have heard about the probiotics. Probiotics are usually contained by food resources and the main purpose of these probiotics is to keep the gut health in good shape. Food resources such as yogurt and other dairy product contain bulks of probiotics. Moreover, there are several vegetables and fruits which contain probiotics in adequate amounts. Moreover, there are probiotic supplements which contain selective probiotics which serve the special purposes.

Having that said, there are two types of probiotics you can get. One is the regular probiotic and the second one is oral probiotic.

Regular probiotics consist of bacterial strains which are supposed to be present in the gut. Therefore, they enclosed in capsules which are resistive to getting dissolved due to acidity of stomach. They let their contents to be released in the area of gut that needs the probiotic support.

On the other hand, oral probiotics are the supplements which start functioning as soon as they enter into the mouth. These probiotics are usually available in form of lozenges and tablets. These probiotics are meant to be in your mouth for a long time in order to promote oral wellness.

Having that said, there are some benefits of oral probiotics that are worth mentioning.

Prevention of plaque buildup

As you may know, plaque buildup is basically a buildup of bacteria which tends to consume sugars and carbs left in the mouth. As a result, they produce acids which can cause cavities in the mouth. The most problematic bacteria type which can result in cavities is known as Streptococcus mutans. The oral probiotic which fight bad bacteria is known as Streptococcus A12, thus providing protection against plaque buildup.

Prevention and treatment of gingivitis

Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease which can transform into more dangerous periodontitis, leading to the overall health of the oral cavity to deteriorate quite seriously. Gingivitis is usually caused by gingivitis causing microbes which can be prevented with the help of probiotics. Therefore, you can consider using oral probiotics to prevent and even get rid of gingivitis.

Prevention of candida overgrowth

The fungi that naturally live in our mouth include candida. However, it can grow unchecked if oral micro biome is out of balance. The condition related to candida overgrowth is mostly referred to as oral thrush. The main symptom of oral thrush is that it results in white spots on the tongue and other areas of oral cavity. Good news is that you can easily prevent this overgrowth by bringing a change in your diet. You can have probiotics in your diet because probiotics can bring bacterial balance in the mouth, leading to the prevention of candida overgrowth.

Preventing bad breath

We all know how bad it is to have bad breath. The first thing that you consider in order to get rid of bad breath is the mouthwash but you have to keep in mind that it is no more than just a masking trick. In order to treat the bad breath permanently, you will need to pay attention to the bacterial balance in your mouth and gut. Oral bacterial can help you maintain that balance in an idea way

You can have information about best oral bacteria for you by your dentist. Therefore, it is the best idea to consult your dentist before you consider using any kind of probiotics.