Taking your start-up global

Our journey of international expansion

When we cut our first lines of code on Banqer just over two years ago our growth consideration was extremely narrow. The product of a Start-up Weekend, it’s putting it lightly when I say our strategic planning phase was a little hasty.

We identified a problem that we not only felt provided an opportunity, but one we also cared about as a social cause. We then set out to solve this problem, but failed to comprehend how wide our impact could reach. So when our domestic growth and product success compelled us to think offshore, there was a lot of technical and strategic debt in play.

Thankfully this epiphany happened early in the game for us, and we were able to restructure our database and some of our platform, as well as adapt generally to become a more universal offering. But it cost us time and resources.

Now I know why a lot of mentors and experienced entrepreneurs stand by the global from day one mentality. This should be ingrained in your MVP and your processes to avoid the backtracking we had to take to get where we wanted to ultimately go.

But we got there.

Today is the day I get on a plane to literally take our start-up global. I’m confident in our product, but equally as nervous for what lies ahead. Launching a product in your home nation is one thing, but to venture to a foreign market and see the same success is another. You can plan, and forecast as much as your heart desires, but you cannot predict the future, or diminish all the risk involved in an international launch.

As such I’m sure my expectations won’t be met exactly. Instead I hope they will be exceeded. Time will tell.

We have poured two years of our lives into this venture and social cause, and I couldn’t be prouder than I am today. If you’re interested in following my personal progress in this new chapter of Banqer, or understanding one way of taking a venture to an international market then this is the place.

But the real purpose of this post was to say thank you New Zealand.

To everyone who has brought Banqer to this point, not just the co-founders. So many have contributed in part to the cumulative success of Banqer over the last two years. The start-up communities, the mentors, the teachers, the businesses, the partners, the inspirers, the students, the parents.

The people of New Zealand.

You have believed in us and you have transformed Banqer from a Start-up Weekend idea, to an international product. And in turn, you have made my wildest dreams come true.