This is the exhaust pipe on a car. This is very harmful to our environment because the exhaust is giving out carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is very harmful to living things and makes it hard for human, animals, and plants to breath because humans and animals need oxygen and plants need carbon dioxide to give humand and animals oxygen. If plants aren’t getting the carbon dioxide they need to produce oxygen then humand ans animals wont be able to breath without that oxygen. This photo is black and white to show that this is a serious situation and to have an impact on someone because black and white pictures make people think that this is suppose to mean something. The photo is at an oblique angle because some people might not really think that this is a serious problem and are just looking at it not thinking of the harm it can cause. It is a conceptual representation because it doesnt have any action going on in the picture just the exhaust pipe sitting there. The line on the ground and on the side of the pipe draw your attention to the pipe itself to get the viewers full attention.

This photo of the gas pump goes hand and hand with the exhaust pipe, the gas is what is put into the car to help creat that exhaust that is let off by the cars engine. The gas is also bad for the environment because if the fumes are breathed in then it can harm someones body because the fumes are not healthy for ones body. If the gas is spilled it is possible that is can be run off into a lake or nearby river and that is very harmful to the living things in those lakes and rivers. The photo is black and white again to show seriousness and that this is an issue for the environment. This is a conceptual representation because it is just the gas pump and no action is being done. It is shot with a frontal angle so the viewer is enganged and know that filling their car with gas can be harmful. The sunlight on the ground is drawing the viewers eyes to the pump and also the hoses that attach to the nossle are bringing your eyes right to where the gas comes out of the pump.

This is a picture of a flower and it is in this photo essay because if the environment stays bad and humans keep polluting the air, like the pollution from the exhaust pipe, maybe one day there wont be plants that make people’s gardens and houses look so good like they do today. The photo is black and white to show that it is serious. The flower is blurry to represent that one day that flower won’t be there because the environment has gotten so bad that beautiful flowers aren’t able to live. The crack on the ground draws the viewers eye right to the center of the flower to have emphasis that the blurry flower is important.

This is a picture of a tree that has been blurred to show that just like the flower can be hurt if the environment worsens. Trees are very important to living organisms because they provide most of the oxygen that is being breathed. If trees are not here then there is not a way to get oxygen, then no one would be able to breath. This picture is blurry to show that it would be a really bad thing if trees were not able to survive on the Earth. It is at a low angle because trees have a lot of power and give living things the chance to live on Earth

This photo may seem puzzling to the viewer as to why it is in this photo essay, but this is a representation of the ice caps melting because of the increase in temperature and climate change that is making the oceans temperature much warmer than it was in the past. The climate change is due to humand and putting chemicals into the air causing the air to change because the chemicals are mixing with the oxygen that is already in the air. The lines in the photo draw the viewers eye to the middle of the photo to get their attention on the ice. The ice is close so the viewer can see the detail and see the ice actually melting. This is a narrative representation because the ice was actually melting while this picture was taken, as are the ice caps because of the warm temperatures.

This is a machine that was in my neighborhood and this machine is used before a house is built and it is used to put chemicals into the ground so the ground is harder and it is easier to build the house on top of it. This is bad for the soil because there is chemicals going into it and chemicals are never good to be put into the ground. When it rains or water gets down there it could run down a hill and those chemicals could get into other roots of plants and possibly kill those plants, or it can run into a river or stream that is close by. The cracks in the road draw the viewers eyes to the machine and the brick wall in the back also draws the eyes towards the machine. This is a conceptual representation and is a frontal angle so the viewer is able to see the whole apparatus.

This is a piece of trash that was just left on the ground even though there is a garbage can right next to it. This is a very serious problem because humans are some what lazy people and just leave their trash where they want to. Every parking lot someone goes to there is always at least one or two sonic drink cups sitting next to a parking spot. This is horrible for the environment because trash that is left on the ground when it rains can get washed into nearby rivers and can harm the living being in them. Just like at Spring Lake in San Marcos they try to keep that lake looking good and being healthy but if garbage gets washed into it it can make the lake unhealthy. The garbage is in the front of this photo to show that it is a problem and can easily be fixed by putting it in the garbage can right next to it. The juxtaposition is that the garbage can is place right by the trash to show that it isnt very hard to just pick the trash up and throw it away.

This photo is of someone throwing that piece of trash away. This is one simple way that people can help the environemt. Although it may not seem like it is helping a lot, it is still helping. Little things can go a long way. This is the last picture of this photo essay and it is in color because it is one good, simple thing that can help the environment. It shows the nice blue sky and it is at a low angle looking up because people do have the power to make a change and it does’t take a lot to make a difference.

What’s Wrong With The Environment?


Global warming is a term used to describe an increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Global warming has become a big issue in this society and has been going on since 1990 when the stratospheric ozone hole was discovered. Although global warming and the ozone layer are different problems they still harm the Earth and what is living on it. The ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere is what protects humans from the ultraviolet light that the sun gives off, if it is destroyed then there could be an increase in the risk of skin cancer, and could potentially hurt peoples’ immune system. It also effects plant life and other organisms. If plants are destroyed, then that means there will be less oxygen for humans and animals to breath. For the past 60 years’ humans have had an impact on the deterioration of the ozone layer by the chemicals people are putting into the air every day (“Is There a Connection between the Ozone Hole and Global Warming?”).

Ever since the Great Barrier Reef was announced almost dead it has had an impact on how people are thinking about the environment. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the biggest reef on earth and it was giving life to a lot of creatures that could only survive from the reef, and now that the oceans temperature is rising the reef isn’t able to survive in the high temperature which is making the creatures and organisms that used the reef and lived on it are now dying. All of this is caused by climate change and fossil fuels being burned which increases the greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This can all be changed if humans would make a change and stop using such harsh chemicals and products into the air (ESchooltoday).

The main goal for this photo essay is to show viewers what is causing global warming and what hurts the environment, also to show what could be lost if it isn’t fixed. It is to show people that if nothings changes people could lose the beauty that is Earth. There will be multiple pictures of plants, trees, and wildlife. Also pictures that show ways that harm the environment, like gas and trash people leave on the ground. All the pictures will be in black and white to show that this is serious and to help have an impact on people. The photos of the plants will be edited to be blurry so viewers can see that this is something they could lose in the future. The shots will be taking close up and to show that there its intimacy and that the viewer is so close that they can almost touch is and want to do something about it. Global warming and its harm in the environment should be improved and with these photos the viewer should want to do something to help it even if it is as simple as throwing a piece of trash in the garbage.