I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

This article is problematic as f***.

  1. There is nothing about womanhood that is too fragile to invite more of our sisters in. You sound like an a**. Deal with your trauma around male- bodied people, because your transphobia is definitely derived from that.
  2. Black women like me (“Ain’t I a Woman?”) had to fight for DECADES to be acknowledged in Feminist and Queer spaces. White women made us march at the back of the line and their men made us sit at the back of the bus. What they hell do I look like as a black woman telling someone else what they can and can’t be? Womanhood is a multifaceted thing. White women swore up and down for years that women of color weren’t women. They turned out to be wrong.

It’s not as though feminists are in great shape right now, as white women are traitors who overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump. I think we could use the fresh blood.

  1. Some of these transwomen are also my community members. They have intersectional identities. The fear of gender variance is a colonial mindset that needs to be buried along with the rest of White Supremacy.
  2. A black, bisexual transwoman is the reason the Stonewall Riots occurred. They were the first to fight back because they were the most visible. I will always honor their sacrifice and emotional labor because it is the right thing to do. Respectability politics didn’t help black folks, and they aren’t going to do jack for the queer community either.

It says a lot about ya’ll that you would rather throw away the folks who need support the most instead of addressing your privilege and making space.


A Really Fed Up Black Lesbian

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