There is great value in simplicity.

Anything you can do to move toward greater simplicity is a good idea.

In crafting your environment, ask yourself: do I really need this? If not, dump it. Make your life more simple. You will have fewer distractions, more money, higher productivity, more happiness.

When making decisions, keep it simple: do I really need it? Does it deeply excite me? Does it keep coming back even when I avoid my first impulse? If not, just say NO.

The great ally of simplicity is NO.

By saying NO to nearly everything, you will be right more often than you are wrong.

This frees your attention to focus to the few, important items that remain. By giving these vital items your full attention, you make far greater progress in the world.

So choose your priorities carefully.

Say NO to everything else.

Then work.

Ken Daniells

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