Live Coding Solidity in Unity

A 26 week livestreaming project.

If you were plopped back in 1992 and told in the next 25 years that every industry on earth, along with the way 7 billion people live will change entirely, what would you do?

Would you learn how to master the technologies that will come to eat and run the world?

Blockchain is the future of how we store, validate, and distribute information. It’s how we bring the power of the internet into the programming of money. And it’s not going to take 25 years. It’s here today.

Wait, we’re building what??

A live programming environment for blockchain development in 3d & VR. Made with Unity, used to learn and code Solidity, in a fully visual space.

We decided the future we were promised can’t wait any longer. So we’re doing what any self respecting xennial & millennial duo would: Building it ourselves, live, on the internet.

Maybe we’re crazy enough to believe this will actually work, and maybe we just think this is a great way to gain deeper mastery of multiple skills at once.

Why are we studying Unity?

The hardest part of blockchain and cryptocurrency development is how few people understand it. It’s abstract as fuck.

Unity is the industry leading physics engine for game, film, VR, and mobile application development. They even have an open source project for creating VR experiences from within VR!

We needed a tool that could make complex things simple to understand, in a digital visual space.

For us, the choice was easy.

And why are we doing it live?

Maybe it’s a personality quirk. RGBubs & I both love to go into the hardest part of any puzzle, problem, or project first. Once that’s solved, we know the rest will fall neatly into place.

And in case you didn’t know, livestreaming is huge.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

But why this hypervisual approach to code?

It’s the same impulse really. Identify the hardest thing the people you are trying to serve are experiencing and solve that with them first.

Enough people understand now that blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and a confusing mix of other tech trends are really important, make a lot of money for the people who do things with them, and are becoming unavoidable. But how many understand what any of it means or how they actually do what they do?

We’re obsessed with live video, 3d immersive environments, and alternate digital realities using AR and VR inside of studio spaces filled with super specialized equipment, because we were the kids sitting inches from the screen playing our video games eyes glued to the action, no matter how many times we were told not to. We watch more Youtube than you want to know. And, most of all, because these are expensive tools that very few people have access to and it really only make sense to use them in specific situations.

When a thing is super simple and already well understood by mainstream audiences, then stick to the most proven communication technology on the planet — basic text and touchable images on a mobile screen. But when you need to understand a hyper complex new cluster of technologies that no one alive today can afford to ignore, we need to be able to see it, feel it, touch it, interact with it, and explore it to really get it.

That’s what we’re here to do.

Come learn along with us for this 26 week journey into mastery, and hopefully we can teach each other a few unexpected things along the way.

You can watch us live, every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 5:30pm (Eastern).

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With frequent special guests you won’t want to miss!