Training Your Machine Replacement w/ Embarrassingly Easy Voice Recognition

How I learned to overcome writer’s block by welcoming our future robot overlords.

Someone just like me. Writing. Before Google Docs voice recognition saved my life.

It is just so damn frustrating and fascinating how different it is to talk at a computer instead of writing on a keyboard.

Or, it is for me anyway.

I find all of the anxiety that I feel when I’m trying to type for a deadline, self-imposed, just naturally goes away. It’s like an entirely different part of my brain is active. I’ve grown a different brain with different behaviors. And this one doesn’t have the keys to the more familiar brain-parts making me overthink every word and every line.

So what will I do with this newfound superpower?

Will I write a Medium post a day?

Will I write 10?

Will any of it be any good?

These questions don’t really matter, do they?

I’m giddy writing this at all.

I was asked on Facebook to share the secret behind my new approach. What makes me so excited is there isn’t one.

Voice recognition tools have been hiding in plain sight within Google Docs for long enough that I should have made the jump much sooner. Maybe I was lazy about it, or maybe these things take time. All I know is I didn’t give the attention needed to make a big switch in my behavior until this weekend.

Now I’m too busy listening to myself talk to think much about wishing I did it sooner.

Let’s talk together through what I did and how you can do it too. There really isn’t much to it.

You see that ‘Voice typing…’ menu thingy right there? Click it. Click it now.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Tools’ drop down in your Google Docs menu bar. Do you see that ‘Voice typing’ menu thingy right there? Click it.

Step 2: You should now have a grey square hovering on the left side of your document canvas, with a microphone icon in it. Click that too.

Step 3: There is no step 3.

Happy writing!

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