Designing a mobile usability lab

This week we are to design a usability lab for mobile testing. The readings provided helped me understand the usefulness of a mobile usability lab. The benefits of the lab are to establish an area where both the participant and observers have a quiet place to perform a test and gather data.

In the lab we will be performing various usability tests for mobile devices. The lab can be setup for desktop and other usability tests but for now it solves our current problem. For this weeks assignment we are to sketch out a usability lab setup and provide the required tools for execution.

Mobile Usability Lab mockup

Users can enter in the lab and be instructed through a usability test. In a usability lab it is important be aware of the hawthorne effect. The hawthorne effect implies that those who are under evaluation (test participant) tend to perform better and work harder due to the attention they are receiving from researchers. As opposed to behaving calmly because of manipulation of independent variables. So, if you are in a usability study outside of your regular comfort zone be sure to try and behave as normal as you can to provide good data for the research being tested.

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