Usability testing on PJ’s website

This report is a summary of the findings and recommendations formed from four usability studies performed on the Papa John’s pizza ordering process. Observes facilitated four participants performed scripted tasks on the website while user used the “think aloud” protocol to collect rich data. Participants were observed while they completed three scripted tasks. The studies ran an average of 15 minutes each.


Choosing a half & half pizza option

In our research we saw an overwhelming issue with participants creating a pizza with half and half toppings

Customizing pizzas and removing toppings

On initial visit of the website users had difficulty in finding the pizza according to the task instructions

Ambiguity when ordering a pizza and a reflecting cart

Participant four was aware that many pizza places have specials based on the users location


· Drawing attention to customizing a pizza

Across the participants use of the site we saw an overwhelming issue when customizing a pizza.

· Highlighting the half & half creation tool

While as some users found the tool to be very useful and easy to use we saw some users become very frustrated who couldn’t find it.

· Creating a 1:1 solution between the items ordered and the cart contents

In this recommendation we see a miscommunication in how the number of items ordered and the number of contents in the cart are not balanced out.

Next steps:

· Create an experience where users can quickly customize a pizza

· Improve the process of segmenting pizza toppings localized to the pizza visualization.

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