Whenever you see a man who succeeds in the field you like, take some time to steal his knowledge and realize what lets him accomplish the outstanding results.
Why Stealing Is The Only Skill You Need To Succeed At Everything In Life
Max Lukominskyi

I went to MSU and got a BA in Telecommunications. It was cheap in 1992. I'd never pay for that kind of an education again though. There are so many ways to educate yourself for free now. Just by word of mouth, volunteering, and looking for resources locally I learned how to be an organic farmer. I did not pay a dime for the education I now have forever. In fact, I got paid to do it through a farm incubator program and an internship at an urban farm. I learned a ton and made a profit. Not much though. Read more here. But, I can now grow anything Michigan’s climate will allow. I’m now shifting gears again and have found mentors in the directions I’m interested in. I’ll help them and they’ll give me free knowledge. Will I have a degree at the end of it? No, but I have no intention of looking for a “job” with what I learn. You only need a degree if you want a “job.” Get a mentor and or an interneship instead. Offer to volunteer if work you're interested in does not have a formal internship program. What’s riskier now? $100k college debt hoping you get a job that may not even exist by the time you get out of school, or spending that money now on your dream startup? Easy math to me now, especially if I was 20 something again. This country needs to make start up, individual, business loans as easy, actually, strike that, MUCH easier than educational loans if we ever expect to dig ourselves out of this status quo corporate controlled dystopia we now live in. Wow, I could go on, but I’ll stop here.

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