No, I’m not “wasting my vote,” and I don’t care if you blame me for a Trump win.

“You’re wasting your vote.” I hear that BS all the time. I voted Green and not Obama last time, but hey look, he still won anyway! Now that Bernie has sold out for the lofty position as Hillary's geriatric lap dog, I’ll be voting Green again. Listen all, the only wasted vote is one not for your heart. Your single pathetic vote makes zero difference in the ocean of votes. Absolutely zero! But it does make ripples that propagate over that ocean. Like the butterfly, it has an effect. What it does do is add to the percentage of votes that are definitely looked at when the dust settles. Yes, probably your candidate will not win but when the establishment sees those numbers getting too large, guess what? They change their platforms to accommodate the new attitudes of the obviously shifting trends of an evolving base. Hate to say it but the Tea Party is a perfect example. If not for those bozos disrupting the base of the GOP, we might still have Eisenhower instead of Trump as the poster child of the GOP today. Does anyone really believe Hillary Clinton’s new found “progressive” rhetoric would be happening at all without Bernie’s dark horse influence? Not a fucking chance in fucking Hell. THAT’S how you waste a vote. Voting for status quo establishment party candidates like her without concern for their shifty records and hypocrisy, wolves in the fold that have no demarcation between saint and monster. If you want to see change in your lifetime, vote your heart. Otherwise you are just rewarding horrible behavior, which seems to be the only thing we do well or at least with any passion anymore as a country.

No single vote will change anything but voting your heart consistently over a long haul will. Whether the person you want has a chance or not, your vote may be the only power you ever have to effect the policy of whoever does win. Thinking in the voting booth as an individual, “what if it’s my vote that tips the scale” is what gets us all into trouble. It won’t be your vote that tips any scale, and that is the only thing you can be sure of this or any election. If it’s anywhere near that close again, it will go to the courts and then The People will once again have nothing to do with the outcome. Oh, and when she inevitably sticks to highly predictable status quo policy decisions, that continue to screw The People at home and kill innocents abroad, the best part is getting to say “not my president” knowing that what you did was the right thing to do, particularly when everyone else is in a mass state of moral and ethical delusion.

Baring a new draft that includes 47 year old men to “fight terrorists” I’ll sleep well no matter who wins. Personally, I think it’s going to be Trump as the Dems had their chance with Bernie. I proudly voted for him in the Michigan primary. He was a candidate the likes of which we have not had in Merca since FDR. But the dems and their party entrenched corporate media had it out for him. They chose to make a mockery of the message the only good man that was left in federal government. Sad. Very very sad.

Now let’s look at Trump. If there is one thing you can say about the GOP, they and their media moguls listen to their constituency. The (Their) People picked Trump. They really had no choice the moment he made his decision. The will of The People picked him even before he made the decision to run! The GOP have been smart to embrace him, racist warts, bad hair and all. The People screamed for Bernie. But Hillary “earned” this run, again, so dem party logic goes. Did Obama earn it? NO! But he got it because the Dems saw he was the winner when it mattered most and they supported the will of The People to run its due course. (I enthusiastically voted for him the first time myself!!) They did not do that this time and will fail because of it. No one “earns” a presidency. Believe it or not, elections are not just a formality. This is not a “job” you apply for and some authority “gives” it to you based on some willingness to sell out and be “loyal” to some corporate board of directors. (Or is it now?) The People give it to you because we agree you’re the one for a job composed mostly of “other duties as assigned” as defined by We The People at the moment of the election and for the next 4 years. No one really likes Hillary and that is why she will lose. Not because I or anyone else “wasted their vote” for who really deserves the job. She has “earned” nothing this election from me or The People except a trip back home. I will never trust her to do Our will. I sure as hell have no interest in having a beer with her either.