This is an excellent point.
Mike Sturm

Thanks Mike! Noted all your highlights too. I think writers are breaking a lot of old rules and making new ones with new tools. I think much of it is due to the shelf life of topical subject matter now. You have maybe a few hours to make your mark with an article now. Not days before something circulates out of view. To be seen and heard, at all, you have to pull out all the stops. Good God, I remember in “senior comp class” in the mid 80s that all paragraphs had to have at least “3 sentences and must fully encapsulate an idea.” No one does that now. Took me writing in here for a few weeks until I noticed. Few would even dream of that kind of formatting anymore. I leave single sentences floating in the void on purpose just for effect now. Formatting now seems to more represent poetry or spoken word. I love it. It’s how writing should be. If it doesn’t sound good out loud, fix it until it does, by any means necessary. The listicle gets and keeps a reader’s attention. It may not for long, but for now it works. For me my writing has to have two things. Number one, be interesting. Two, make a valid point. That’s it. All the other rules be damned as long as in the breaking I don’t come off totally unrefined.

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